Comparative genomics lab awards and honors at ISAG 2016

Dr. Kyle Schachtschneider traveled to Salt Lake City for the 35th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference. This meeting brings together researchers from across the globe to present new findings on a broad range of animal genetics research. During the conference, Dr. Schachtschneider gave 1 oral and 2 poster presentations on comparative epigenomics describing new functional roles for DNA methylation in mammalian and avian brain, as well as their link to cognitive deficits. His efforts were recognized in the form of an excellent poster award.

Dr. Schachtschneider also co-lead the Pig Genetics & Genomics workshop, which covered porcine genomics topics with potential agricultural as well as biomedical applications. At the conclusion of the workshop, Dr. Schachtschneider was named co-chair of the Pig Genetics & Genomics workshop standing committee. In addition, he was appointed to the Animal Epigenetics workshop steering committee.