Lawrence Schook Named to Animal Research Institute


University of Illinois Vice President for Research Lawrence Schook has been named a council member of the National Research Councils's Institute for Laboratory Research (ILAR), which evaluates the use of animals in research and seeks to identify viable alternatives to the use of animals in non-agricultural research.

The ILAR council functions as the institute's advisory body.

The ILAR evalutes and reports on "scientific, technological, and ethical use of animals and related biological resources," according to a statement on its website.  It also investigates and resorts on "non-animal alternatives in non-food settings, such as research, testing and production of pharmaceuticals.  ILAR seeks to identify practices that provide for excellence in the welfare of animals used for these purposes, recognizing their moral value while achieving high-quality science."

The institute advises the publicv and policymakers in government and biomedical research through reports procuded by expert committees.

"This is an important recognition of Dr. Schook and his role in the development of large animal models for biomedical research," said Neal Merchen, interim associate dean for research in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at Illinois.  "The list of council members is a 'Who's Who' of scientists who have influenced how animals are used in research, and the council wil continue to play a major role in future animal research policies."