Hu, Wenping

Assistant Professor
Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science


Ph.D, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, China Agricultural University (2014)

B.E., Bioengineering, Nanchang University, China (2006)

B.A., Business Administration, Nanchang University, China (2006)


Developing a transgenic porcine model for human cancer, foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV), function of human lactoferrin



Travel Bursary Award, 34th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference, in Xi’an, China(2014)

Outstanding Graduate, China Agricultural University(2014)

Student Fellowship, UC Davis Transgenic Animal Research Conference, in California, USA(2014)

Da Bei Nong Scholarship, China (2014)

Best Manuscript Scholarship, 17th Animal genetics and Breeding conference, in Chengdu, China(2013)

Best manuscript Scholarship, “Changxin Wu” Animal Breeding Foundation(2013)

Best Presentation Award,National Animal Breeding Symposium, in Wuhan, China(2013)

Best Presentation Award, College of Biological Science Annual conference, China Agricultural University(2013)

Outstanding Research Scholarship, China Agricultural University(2010-2011)

Outstanding Presentation Award, Annual Conference of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Outstanding Creative Group, China (2010)

Outstanding Graduate, Nanchang University(2006)

Excellent Students Scholarship, Nanchang University, got 1st Prize for three times and 2nd Prize for four times (2002-2006)

Outstanding Student Leader, Nanchang University, got three times(2002-2006)

Annual Excellent Student, Nanchang University(2004)