An integrated RH map of the porcine genome with more than 5,000 anchoring points on the human genome provides a framework for the sequencing of the pig

D. Milan, J.E. Beever, Y. Lahbib, L. Schook, C. Beattie, M. Yerle
30th International Conference on Animal Genetics, August 20-25, 2006, Porto Seguro, Brazil


RH map and BAC physical map are the two frameworks that will guide the establishment of the porcine sequence. IMpRH panel has been widely used in the past 8 years and more than 10.000 markers have been mapped on this panel. Two reference maps were independently established. The first one was established using markers submitted by all contributors and publicly available in IMpRH database (, and one based on BAC ends mapped on RH panel and anchored on the human genome (Meyers et al, 2005). We present here the integration of both maps with the establishment of a 1000:1 framework map integrating on the map from Meyers et al as much as additional markers as possible. All additional markers associated with a sequence have also been mapped at their most likely location providing a set of dense ordered sequences that will be available to check the assembly of the porcine genome.