Neuronal genes for subcutaneous fat thickness in human and pig are identified by local genomic sequencing and combined SNP association study

Lee K.T., M.J. Byun, K.S. Kang, E.W. Park, S.H. Lee, S. Cho, H.Y. Kim, K.W. Kim, T. Lee, J. Park, W. Park, D. Shin, H.S. Park, J.T. Jeon, B.H. Choi, G.W. Jang, S.H. Choi, D.W. Kim, J.H. Kim, D. Lim, H.S. Park, M.R. Park, J. Ott, L.B. Schook, T.H. Kim, and H. Kim
PLoS ONE, 6(2), doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.16356